Mental Health
First Aider

1st, 8th & 15th Oct

3 sessions/Online

Mental Health
First Aider

22rd, 30th Apr and 7th May

3 sessions/Online

Senior Mental
Health Leads

28th March, 16th May, 6th & 27th June

4 sessions/Online

Awareness of

17th Apr

1 sessions/Online

Supporting Neurodiversity
in the work place

17th & 24th April

2 sessions/Online


1st May

1 sessions/Online

Menopause for
Line Managers

1st & 8th May

2 sessions/Online



Supporting your whole team
with our range of training courses

Our training courses have been developed by experts to ensure that they’re high-impact, engaging, relevant and immediately applicable within the workplace. Delivered by trainers, coaches and learning development professionals who listen, support and adjust to your team’s needs, we follow up with you after the course to make sure that what’s been learned is making a difference. Organisations who train with us become long-term partners as we work together to develop training programmes that support everyone to contribute and grow.


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Using our experience and understanding of how learners learn, we have developed a range of in-person and online training courses that explore current, relevant topics that are suitable for everyone, tailored to specific industries and make a real impact back in the workplace.


We create engaging e-learning courses using state of the art software to develop high impact, interactive training that really makes a difference. Available as standalone packages, or to support our tailored courses, our e-learning is a great, flexible solution to meet the needs of your team.


Working alongside your organisation, we get to know what’s working well and where there are barriers to further success. We identify strategies to support wellbeing and suggest a proactive programme to help everyone at every level continue to thrive.


Your Proactive Employee Assistance Programme (PEAP)

How we do it

Traditional EAP services and stand alone apps share a fundamental problem in supporting wellbeing, they are both reactive services that solely rely on the individual using them. In our experience this can leave employees feeling unspported and alone.

Our approach involves working as your wellbeing partner, regularly analysing the mental health temperature of your team and ensuring that you, and they, have the right tools at the right time to support a positive culture proactively.



Evaluation Circle


We use diagnostic tools including interactive feedback and interviews with team members at all levels to provide qualitative and quantitative measures of the current state of mental health across the whole organisation. We review HR policies and procedures to ensure that positive mental health practices are embedded throughout.


We report back on our findings and use them to create a step-by-step plan to embed positive mental health strategies across the whole organisation, ensuring all employee touchpoints are incorporated across the complete career lifecycle. This is shared and reviewed with key stakeholders.


We work with individuals across every team in the business to develop positive mental health language, increase confidence about workplace mental health and encourage everyone to recognise the importance of good mental health for themselves, their colleagues and the organisation. We do this through a range of strategies including awareness workshops, e-learning courses, training Mental Health First Aiders and introducing our email and phone line support.


We help Mental Health First Aiders to keep the positive mental health culture alive by providing them with monthly briefing packs on different topics to share with their teams. They can also contact our dedicated team for advice and support when they need it. We organise regular Reflective Practice groups, where team members come together with a member of our clinical team to share their experiences of workplace mental health and talk about coping strategies and success stories. We provide specific dedicated confidential support by telephone and e-mail for senior leaders.


We feedback to Project Sponsors at regular intervals, providing evidence of positive outcomes and advising suitable next steps for the whole organisation.



The cost of poor Mental Health to your organisation

602,000 Workers

About 602,000 British workers suffer from work-related stress, anxiety and depression every year.

12.8 Million Days

12.8 million working days were lost to work-related stress, anxiety and depression in 2019.

£2564 Per Employee

Poor mental health can cost businesses up to £2564 per employee every year.

3x Productivity

Employees with good mental health are up to three times more productive than those with poor mental health.

Up to £9 ROI

Employers who invest in employee mental health can see a ROI of up to £9 for every £1 invested.

1% EAP Usage

Reactive EAP usage can be as low as 1% of all employees in an organisation.

1.5x Greater

The cost of presenteeism to an organisation can be 1.5 times greater than absenteeism.



Designed & implemented for your objectives

Our working environments are changing at a rapid rate. AI, Automation and the Internet of Things are all having a significant impact on our daily lives both at home and in our places of work.

One thing has and will remain constant – the power of people. At Three Eggs we work with you to ensure the training we deliver for your organisation is designed and implemented with your organisation’s objectives at the forefront of all that we do.




What Our Clients Say

Peter Osborne
Commercial Director, Leisure Group
To us as an organisation, promoting mental health is at the forefront of our values. Mental Health is extremely important in our industry and we are delighted to be working with Three Eggs on our on-going solution.
Hana Ballard
Managing Director, Marketing Agency
The health and wellbeing of our team is fundamental to our success – and Three Eggs are a huge support. They have helped us to be flexible, supportive and understanding of the stresses and strains that impact our team inside and outside of work. Now we have an excellent system in place.
Hayley Shave
The County Wire Ltd
Three Eggs really know their stuff. Their training is exceptional but it’s the wrap around support via phone and clinical care that makes them a core partner. With their expertise and services we have been able to roll out genuine mental health support, rather than just ticking the training box.



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Free White Paper

Our comprehensive report explains the need for good workplace mental health and how organisations can support their teams as they return to a new normal following the pandemic.

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    Learn Online or In Person

    Our courses are provided in-person or online via Zoom software. Both formats are run by trainers in a live environment (they are not pre-recorded) and are extremely interactive and designed to have high impact and memorability. The courses include lots of practical elements that can be used in the work environment and at home.

    Mental Health

    Our mental health courses help to create a positive mental health culture in the workplace.


    Learning to spot signs of abuse and neglect is important to protect children and vulnerable adults in our society.


    Supporting individuals experiencing symptoms of menopause ia an imporant aspect of inclusive workplaces.


    Helping parents to prepare for the arrival of a baby helps with adjustment to a new way of life and work.


    Understanding how to support neurodiverse colleagues can help everyone achieve their full potential at work.


    Better awareness of the challenges faced by those with dementia can help individuals stay in work longer.

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    DfE Senior Mental Health Leads Course

    Supporting the mental health of adults working in educational settings

    Three Eggs is working with the Department for Education to deliver training for Senior Mental Health Leads in schools and colleges.


    Please contact us for more info