"Choosing the right mental health training provider is key to ensuring that your team's wellbeing is aligned with your overall organisational objectives.



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Using our experience in business, lifelong learning and mental health, we work with your organisation's human resources policies and procedures and your current training culture to design an effective learning framework and mental health policy. We work with you to ensure our training programmes meet your objectives and deliver effective learning and support positive workplace mental health within your teams.  

OUr Approach

Learn more about how our simple approach can help you create a positive mental health culture quickly and effectively, no matter how big or small your business is.


Using our understanding of how learners learn, we have developed a range of digital courses that can be accessed by your teams, whether they work from the office or remotely.  Find out more about how digital learning can support your organisation.


Dates and locations for our regulated mental health training courses are listed here.  You can also find the dates for our webinars, if a remote course suits you better.  Have a look at the list and find a course that fits in with you.


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At Three Eggs we believe workplace mental health is the whole organisation's responsibility. But an effective, well educated and engaged leadership team will set the bar for your business's overall performance. We deliver specific training to develop your management team's workplace mental health awareness to enable them to support their teams more effectively and to allow them to support your organisations overall well being plan. 

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The success of our training programmes can be measured on the positive impact they have on your team's mental health awareness. We support long term learning and cultural improvement with a package of physical and digital materials to continue the positive mental health journey throughout your organisation. 

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