DiverCity Podcast

Series Nine, Episode One – Matters of Disability and Mental Health Wellbeing

Three Eggs Director, Louise Newby was delighted to feature in the September ‘DiverCity’ podcast discussing the realities of work for employees with disabilities – and the compelling reasons for supporting employees and leaders with dedicated mental health programmes.

DiverCity Podcast, is a fortnightly podcast hosted by Julia Streets. Launched in October 2017, each episode features influential figures from the financial services industry. 

Louise featured alongside Rosemary Frazer who is involved in numerous projects and campaigns on disability equality and inclusion. Rosemary has helped nurture and support countless initiatives, campaigns and small and medium enterprises in the disability sector.

During the podcast Louise discussed how best to approach the different needs of employees returning to work, how will the office landscape will look, and the importance of leading by example, with a ‘top down approach’.

The discussion centred around the theme of Invisible disabilities. “These are often invisible because people are scared to look for them”, Louise explained, “businesses should make use of data available to them to better help their workforce to cope. Even holding regular feedback meetings to understand how people are feeling.”

The show touches on the experiences of ‘new hires’ who may be affected by a completely different set of issues – graduates, for example, who have had a very abrupt end to their university experience, and are now launching straight into careers in environments that are in a state of flux.

A strong theme from the interview was the need for businesses to understand that their future success can be shaped by taking care of their people; offering some great ideas and practical suggestions that employers and business leaders can onboard.

Follow the link to listen to the episode in full http://divercitypodcast.com/2020/09/23/series-nine-episode-one/