Mental Health Short Course (Virtual)

£30.00 + VAT

A 2 hour introduction to mental health awareness led by a real trainer via our Zoom platform. You’ll learn loads of great tips and techniques to support your mental health in the workplace, with your family and for yourself.

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Why should you join the course?

You’re keen to improve the awareness and understanding of mental health conditions that impact the working environment.

You’re keen to understand some of the mental health conditions that people experience and you want to help others in your work to improve their understanding.

You’ve experienced the impact of mental health conditions in the workplace and want to better support your colleagues and friends.

What is covered?

During our 2 hour course we will cover a range of interesting and useful topics delivered in an engaging and friendly atmosphere.

Some of the learning outcomes will include;

  • Defining what is mental health
  • Understand the stigma surrounding mental health and how we can improve attitudes towards it
  • Identifying factors that can affect mental health
  • Understand the characteristics, signs and symptoms of a range of mental health conditions
  • Understand the advice that can be given to a person suffering from a mental health condition
  • Know when to contact professional services

This list includes some of the outcomes but we cover a lot of extra content in a relaxed, discussion based

What else does this include?

We provide you with a digital certificate to use after the course and a signature strip for your work or personal emails.

We can provide a physical certificate for a small extra charge.

This course leads onto the Mental Health First Aider course available to book online.

Additional information

Course Dates

Tuesday 24th May 9:30-11:30, Thursday 16th June 9:30-11:30